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Languages of the Middle Ages series

The LMA series aims to document the languages of the Middle Ages, spanning over a thousand years of history from the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the late 5th century, to the dawn of the European Renaissance in the 1500s. It covers the early synthesis and development of Romance languages such as Old French, as well as the languages of the "barbarous" peoples such as the Goths and Anglo-Saxons.

The series brings back into public circulation many hard-to-find and out-of-print titles that have not been available for many years, consolidating these useful works into a handy reference source for medieval linguistics.

Volume 1:

A Book for the Beginner in Anglo-Saxon
John Earle

This elementary-level grammar and reader of Anglo-Saxon (also called Old English, spoken from A.D. 500-1100) is a digital reprinting of a hard-to-find 1877 publication. Included in this grammar are extensive verb conjugations and noun and pronoun declensions, all designed for the beginning student of the language. Also features almost 30 pages of extracts from the Anglo-Saxon Gospels.

2005 [1877] ~ paperback ~ 95 pp. ~ ISBN 1-889758-69-8 ~ $19.95


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Volume 2:

First Middle English Primer
Henry Sweet

This elementary handbook in Middle English (spoken from A.D. 1100-1500), first published in 1884, was written by one of the premier authorities on English historical linguistics, Henry Sweet, who is now widely remembered as the model for the Henry Higgins character in Shaw's Pygmalion. This handy manual introduces students to two slightly different varieties of Middle English. Part I contains a brief grammar and representative extracts from the 13th century Ancren Riwle or "Nuns' Rule" in the southern dialect. Part II is a brief grammar with extracts from the Ormulum, a late 12th century work of poetic homilies of the life of Christ, in East Midland dialect.

2005 [1884] ~ paperback ~ 96 pp. ~ ISBN 1-889758-70-1 ~ $19.95

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