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Books in American Dialectology

We offer several titles in the dialectology of the Mid-Atlantic region, both original works and historically significant reprints. Unlike many other books in the field, the original books listed below are written from an entirely regional perspective. No longer do folklorists or dialectologists need to wade through volumes of material to find out how language is used locally. The answers are here in these convenient reference books, compiled from over one hundred years of linguistic research and presented in a plain, straightforward fashion that makes these books accessible to specialists and non-specialists alike.

All of these books are bound in a durable hardback binding and are covered in cloth or a resilient woven buckram. Each book is bound by hand and our archival-quality paper ensures that these volumes will be part of your library for many years to come.

Pennsylvania Dutch:
A Dialect of South German with an Infusion of English

S. S. Haldeman, A.M.

Originally published in 1872 by the Reformed Church Publication Board in Philadelphia, PA, this historically significant reprint gives a brief but thorough explication of Pennsylvania Dutch--a German dialect spoken in the Pennsylvania towns of Easton, Reading, Allentown, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Lancaster, and York. Out of print for many years, the work represents one of the earliest scientific treatments of the Pennsylvania German dialect and offers a snapshot of the language as it existed in the 19th century.

Included in the volume is a history of how a dialect of German came to be spoken in Pennsylvania, the phonology of the dialect, a vocabulary of peculiar words, syntax, and comparisons to other German dialects. Also included are several pages of PA Dutch phrases and sentences, examples of PA Dutch words adopted into English, and samples of "broken" English spoken by the PA Dutch.

2003 ~ clothbound ~ 69 pp. ~ ISBN 1-889758-55-8 ~ out of print


A Dictionary of Pennsylvanianisms
Claudio R. Salvucci

From Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, Erie to Scranton, three hundred years worth of English language usage in Pennsylvania are compiled in this exceptional reference work. It is the most comprehensive listing of Pennsylvania dialect words to date, containing many obscure and obsolete words that are now or were once used in the Commonwealth.

Each entry is cross-referenced with the source and date(s) of citation. Localized terms are listed with city and county designations, or larger sections of the state when applicable.

This work also features an introduction to dialect geography within Pennsylvania, including the classification and boundaries of its constituent dialects, as well as discussions on pronunciation in the various regions.

1997 ~ clothbound ~ 146 pp. ~ ISBN 0-9644234-5-6 ~ out of print


The Philadelphia Dialect Dictionary
Claudio R. Salvucci

Another truly landmark work in Philadelphia speech studies, the PDD is the first volume ever published to compile words used in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, from common ones like "hoagie", to rare and obsolete words like "fip". The dictionary also presents words with a distinctively Philadelphian pronunciation, and even narrows down some terms to specific neighborhoods and ethnic groups.

Featuring over 1500 headwords, the PDD is based on more than a century of linguistic studies, some of which have never been published. The entries cited span from colonial times to the present, and even cover some usages in the surrounding suburban counties.

1996 ~ clothbound ~ 131 pp. ~ ISBN 0-9644234-2-1 ~ out of print


A Grammar of the Philadelphia Dialect
Claudio R. Salvucci

The first in a series of titles concerning Mid-Atlantic speech, A Grammar of the Philadelphia Dialect is the most comprehensive study of that city's vernacular to date. Based squarely on linguistic research from the 1940's on, the book discusses pronunciation, grammatical usage, and concludes with two chapters on the history and geography of Philly speech. It is a true testament to the diversity of the American language, and to a dialect that despite all odds is continuing to forge its own path as a unique and vibrant form of expression.

Suited for both language specialists and non-specialists alike, the Grammar presents the latest scientific findings clearly and simply. This book is especially valuable because it presents, for the first time ever, a complete spelling system for the dialect, allowing authors and playwrights to easily and accurately write the sound of the city into their work.

1995 ~ clothbound ~ 117 pp. ~ ISBN 0-9644234-1-3 ~ out of print


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