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"Highly recommended for libraries and linguists, as well as for individuals interested in early American Indian vocabularies and regional history. Summing up: Highly recommended. Public libraries where interest exists; academic libraries; graduate students and above."

"Recommended  for academic, public, and high school libraries, particularly those that are developing collections in Native American studies, linguistics, or North American history."
—Library Journal

"Provides easy access to valuable documentation for linguists ... especially the CD and the website."
—International Journal of American Linguistics
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The Complete American Language Reprints Series

Compiled by Claudio R. Salvucci

    The American Language Reprints series continues to grow annually. The amount of primary source material still available ensures that the series will continue to expand each year, potentially reaching hundreds of volumes as the project progresses. Now, the entirety of this vital primary source data is available in one handy reference: The Complete American Language Reprints Series on CD-Rom. Updated annually, this invaluable resource will feature printable complete texts of all current ALR volumes in PDF format. This will allow the ALR series to be considerably more flexible, affordable, and accessible to libraries and researchers in linguistics, Native American studies, and North American history.
    The 2004 edition of The Complete American Language Reprints Series on CD-Rom includes volumes 1 through 30 of the series, containing together over 10,000 unique Native American terms. Click on any of the volumes highlighted below to view some sample pages from the various PDF files (Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these files and to utilize the CD-Rom. To download a free copy of Acrobat Reader from the Adobe web site, click here ):

Vol. 1: A Vocabulary of Nanticoke
Vol. 2: A Vocabulary of Susquehannock
Vol. 3: A Vocabulary of the Unami Jargon
Vol. 4: A Vocabulary of Powhatan
Vol. 5: An Ancient New Jersey Indian Jargon
Vol. 6: A Vocabulary of Tuscarora
Vol. 7: A Vocabulary of Woccon
Vol. 8: A Dictionary of Powhatan
Vol. 9: A Vocabulary of Mohegan-Pequot
Vol. 10: A Vocabulary of New Jersey Delaware
Vol. 11: A Vocabulary of Stadaconan
Vol. 12: Denny’s Vocabulary of Delaware
Vol. 13: A Vocabulary of Roanoke
Vol. 14: Denny’s Vocabulary of Shawnee
Vol. 15: Cummings’ Vocabulary of Delaware
Vol. 16: Early Vocabularies of Mohawk
Vol. 17: Schoolcraft’s Vocabulary of Oneida
Vol. 18: Elliot’s Vocabulary of Cayuga
Vol. 19: Schoolcraft’s Vocabulary of Onondaga
Vol. 20: Elliot’s Vocabulary of Mohawk
Vol. 21: Cummings’ Vocabulary of Shawnee
Vol. 22: A Vocabulary of Seneca
Vol. 23: The Tutelo Language
Vol. 24: Handy’s Vocabulary of Miami
Vol. 25: Observations on the Mahican Language
Vol. 26: Minor Vocabularies of Tutelo and Saponi
Vol. 27: Wood's Vocabulary of Massachusett
Vol. 28: Chew's Vocabulary of Tuscarora
Vol. 29: Early Fragments of Minsi Delaware
Vol. 30: A Vocabulary of Wyandot

2004 ~ CD-Rom ~ 1-889758-57-4 ~ $300.00

The 2005 Supplement

    The 2005 Supplement to the Complete ALR contains the following five volumes of the ALR series which were released over the course of 2004: Vol. 31: Heckewelder's Vocabulary of Nanticoke, Vol. 32: Minor Vocabularies of Huron, Vol. 33: Castiglioni's Vocabulary of Cherokee, Vol. 39: A Vocabulary of Etchemin, and Vol. 40: A Vocabulary of Souriquois Jargon.

April 2005 ~ CD-Rom ~ 1-889758-66-3 ~ $50.00

Special Pricing

    The ALR series was originally conceived as a resource to be purchased primarily by academic and public libraries but over the years, numerous private individuals have become regular customers of the series as well. To purchase the complete ALR series in book form through volume 30 requires an investment of over $800.00. We decided to make the series available on CD-Rom so that the data is more easily available to our individual customers who generally aren't equipped with the same kinds of budgets as libraries. At just $300.00 -- $10 per volume -- The Complete American Language Reprint Series on CD-Rom represents a savings of nearly 65%. Furthermore, the versatile PDF format allows scholars to perform rapid text searches and to print out clean copies for personal use.

System Compatibility

    Assuming Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer, PDF files are generally readable by both Macintosh and PC machines. The files are created and the CDs burned using a Macintosh but our testing has revealed that the data is accessible to PCs when running recent operating systems (Windows95 or later). A few of our customers have reported problems accessing the CD using Windows XP. If you purchase the CD-Rom and have any trouble accessing the data, please let us know. We will make certain that you are provided with a replacement CD that works for your machine.

FREE ACCESS to the Interactive ALR

    As of September 1, 2006, access to most areas of the Interactive ALR is FREE. The Interactive ALR allows the user to organize, compare, and manipulate the wealth of linguistic data contained in the ALR series with a wide range of user-definable options. Powerful search features, an interactive linguistic atlas, and a custom lexicon generator all bring the power of the modern database to the classic study methods of linguistics and philology. Furthermore, the Interactive ALR contains additional word lists not included in the ALR series in languages such as Akansea, Sauk-Fox, Algonquin, and Catawba, and will contiue to expand separate from the book series.
     Only the PDFs of the actual books in the ALR series will remain password protected. Passwords to access these files will be provided to purchasers of The Complete American Language Reprints Series on CD-Rom as requested.
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